trash not rm

Using "rm foo -Rfv" can be deadly, so lets make this safer!

using the cli tool 'trash-cli' and an alias we can make rm in to trash.


# install trash-cli, (apt-get install trash-cli)
nano ~/.zsh # or your bashrc file
alias   del="trash"       # del is shorter than trash

End of config

correcting bad habbits::
nano ~/.zshrc # or bashrc alias rm="echo Use 'del','trash' , or the full path i.e. '/bin/rm'

no more example

Geezer Keyboard

After a year of using a Microsoft natural keyboard I've moved back to a "real" keyboard, after finding that when I tried to use a standard keyboard I couldn't type as efficiently as normal. So this time I went for cheap Mechanical one from amazon while I wasn't expecting anything amazing from this keyboard, I've been pleasantly surprised.


When I first turned it on I was quite horrified with the back lighting, but after a few hours of use I've noticed I don't even look down at the keyboard anyway and when I do it's nice to have them back lit.


A simple problem with a simple answer, I wanted to be able to reboot my Linux desktop PC and reboot into another OS from within the already booted OS

In Debian there is a little application called grub-reboot, this will allow the root user to select what menu item grub defaults to on the next boot. edit the following file to look something like this, replacing dthomas with your username.

sudo nano /etc/sudoers

dthomas ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/grub-reboot

now create a menu item on KDE this is achieved by right clicking on the "K" menu button and choosing the "edit applications" and just adding an entry with the command

sudo grub-reboot 2

to reboot to the 2nd entry in the grub menu and grub-reboot 3 for the third and so on.